Establishing an Effective Networking Image

In business, image is crucial. I met someone who gave some great advice while in the Wynyard Medical Centre the other week. They said image is the impression that you reflect when partners, potential investors and clients look and interact with you. In networking, image is composite. It’s a combination of how you look physically, how you communicate, how your business cards and office look like. Are there ways that you can create an effective networking image? Yes there are various ways that you can do this. 

  • Written Networking Image

You cannot be networking in business without marketing materials, business cards, brochures, online presence and written correspondences. These are important in any business operation. Ask yourself, do they appear professional? Do they reflect your personality? Are they clear? All these are important aspects of business. Ensure that your abilities, skills and professionalism are clear so as to enhance your networking image. 

  • Physical Networking Image

As you dress and carry yourself amongst people, remember that this must align with your job. Do people see a presentable and professional person when they look at you or do they get the opposite? Do not only dress neatly and respectably when meeting clients, but also ensure that you make it consistent. You need to be a brand yourself and this will enhance your physical networking image. It’s an effective way of showing you are a professional.

  • Interpersonal Networking Image

Some people tend to be uncomfortable with public speaking. As someone who needs to network for the benefit of their business, they must not be afraid of this. To enhance their networking image, they must speak eloquently, communicate effectively and ensure professional presentations whether meeting clients or investors. 

  • Verbal Networking Image

This is paramount in every possible way. There are communication etiquettes that you must possess. How do you engage in tele-conversations? How do you introduce yourself to people? How do you talk to people and how is your elevator pitch? All these matters and play a significant role in your verbal networking image. Keep in mind that your verbal exchange should be culturally sound. 

Written networking image, physical and verbal images play a significant role in the growth of your business. The image is one thing that helps in creating professionalism, trust, customer attraction and credibility. This is what you need to see your business move a level higher. If you create a negative networking image, you can lest be assured that you are pushing potential customers, investors and partners away.

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